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With almost 30 years of history and expertise, CHINA-LUTONG offers the most complete range Parts and Components for Diesel Injection. We have available spare parts for diesel injection pumps, injectors and unit injector pumps. The philosophy of our Company is based on the reliability, professionalism, expertise and price/quality ratio.
In order to satisfy any request from our customers, we have available a warehouse with more than 3000 items Diesel Parts.
a)Competitive Prices   
b)Excellent customer service   
c)Qualified Staff   
d)Technical Support   
e)High quality products   
China-Lutong supplies the following common rail components:
lCommon Rail Nozzle
lCommon Rail Valve
lEUP/EUI Valve
lCommon Rail Injectors
lSupply pumps – CB18
Nozzles – Plungers - Delivery Valves – Head Rotor – Diesel Fuel Pumps Repair Kit – Injectors Repair Kit – Fuel Injection Pump Assembly – Diesel Injection Pumps Spare Parts – Diesel Injectors Spare Parts – Feed Pumps – Solenoids – Control Valve – Cam Disk – Common Rail Valve – Drive Shaft – Test Bench – Single Cylinder Fuel Injection Pump – Feed Pump – Nozzle Spacer – Washer


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cam plate price cam plate replacement

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